(minimos standard)

This is an ispell dictionary for galician, using the "minimos" standard. It can be downloaded from the following page. This package is released under the terms of the GNU GPL, so you can freely redistribute and/or use it for spelling checking through interactive spell-checking program ispell. It can also be freely used for other purposes, as far as the resulting work remain free. A more complete page about this dictionary is available in galician.

The package contains the following files:

         The GNU general public license.
  • LICENÇA.txt
         The GNU general public license translation to galician.
  • galician.aff
         The affixes file for galician.
  • galician.words
         The galician root words file.
  • leme.txt
         A readme file in galician.
  • normas.txt
         A file dealing with the standard used.
  • readme.txt
         Some information about the dictionary.

This dictionary uses both upper- and lower-case affix flags, and 8 bits (latin1). So ispell must be compiled taking this into account, in your local.h file

	  include: #define MASKBITS 64   
and	  remove:  #define NO8BIT 
Nowadays most of the binary versions of ispell are compiled in this way.

	-T lat	  (latin1, i.e. á, é, ñ ...)
	-T tex	  (tex, i.e. \'a, \'e, \~n ...)
	-T pre	  (nroff, i.e. 'a, 'e, 'i ...)	

The current version has 24.000 words in the galician.words, but combined with the rules in the galician.aff they give rise to 515.176 words recognized by ispell.

Any comments, important new words, and errors should be mailed to Ramón Flores

Copyright André Ventas and Ramón Flores Last update: January 30, 2003